Tales by Pawrents: PeeWee Eco Wood Litter with guinea pigs, does that work?


Our very second guest writer on brioPets is Brighton, mummy of two utterly adorable guinea pigs - Almond & Walnut. In this weeks review, Brighton shares her very first experience with PeeWee eco-wood litter with her 2 pigs.


Have you ever wondered about the difference between paper bedding and wood litter? Have you ever pondered about changing to wood litter for your furkids, but are hesitant to do so? Before trying out PeeWee™ Eco Wood Litter, I had the same thoughts as my guinea pigs have always been on pee pads/paper bedding, and I saw no need to change. However, I am glad that I tried out PeeWee Eco Wood litter as it really changed my perception and made me realise the differences between them.

At first glance, the litter may seem ordinary, just like any other brands. However, the magic truly began when I opened the packet. A woody fragrance wafted out from the wood litter, piquing the interest of my two guinea pigs, causing them to scramble out. Indeed, this was the first time I saw them move their lazy butts for something other than food. Amazing.


Soon, their whole pen smelled like Ikea and all we were missing were the meatballs. I realised that the strong, distinct, natural smell of the litter is only possible because PeeWee wood pellets are 100% natural and biodegradable, with the pellets being made from sawdust of carefully sourced Swedish trees. Honestly, this was the first time I encountered such a strong yet natural fragrance from pet litter which really amazed me. Can I just mention that at this point all I have done was to open the packet?

After filling up their potty corner with the eco litter, my efforts were immediately rewarded when I saw Almond jumping in. He expelled two glistening, smooth, lovely long black jellybeans which affirmed how curious he was about his new product. In fact, cleaning up has never been so easy as I no longer have to hold my breath to prevent smelling the yucky ammonia. The natural woody fragrance from the litter managed to mask the poopy smells, making it a much more enjoyable process!

The eco litter disintegrates once it comes in contact with liquid, making it obvious which parts have been peed on, saving me money as I do not have to dispose of the entire batch of litter. To me, one major difference between PeeWee litter and paper bedding is that PeeWee litter will not become wet, smelly and soggy even after a day, which means that my pigs are not as stinky as before!


So how safe is PeeWee eco litter for your pets? Using the litter, I can have a peace of mind as I know that nothing at all is added during the production process; no scents, glues, binding agents or other chemical nasties. The sawdust is simply compressed under very high pressure, making it suitable for paranoid pawrents who only want the best for their furkids. Additionally, PeeWee eco litter is also non-clumping which makes it especially suitable for fragile animals such as kittens and small animals.

For small animals who may be prone to respiratory illnesses, pawrents also do not need to be worried as scooping up the disintegrated sawdust regularly every few hours can help to prevent ammonia buildup and ensures that they will not be affected by the sawdust. I also realised that when the PeeWee litter is placed under their pee pads, it prevents urine from seeping through the pads and staining the floors. The high absorbency rate thus allows me to trust PeeWee to keep my pigs' dwelling clean and considerably drier!

In conclusion, I’m glad that the first eco litter that I tried was PeeWee eco litter. It made me realise that wood litter is also suitable for my guinea pigs and can be a good substitute for paper bedding. The natural woody smell is definitely something you cannot get elsewhere (maybe other than Ikea), and its high absorbency rate makes it more effective than other types of bedding.

Find Brighton & her 2 little boys on social media here:

IG- https://www.instagram.com/thenuttybois/



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