Clumping Clay Litter for Diarrhoea-Prone Cats with Weak Stomachs

While it is not often for cats to have diarrhoea, some pawrents may find themselves with cats with weak stomachs which are prone to runny stools or even cats with clinically diagnosed chronic diarrhoea. When it comes to cleaning up, we are often left with headaches and wallet pains. Users of non-clumping litter may find themselves disposing the entire or more than half of the litter tray when their cats are down with diarrhoea.

In the cases mentioned above, we highly recommend cat owners to try using clumping clay litter, Canada Litter, to better manage the after process of tidying up. 

Introduction to Canada Litter

  1. Instant Clumping Action

Canada Litter clumps instantaneously. The moment liquid touches the litter grains, it will start to rapidly absorb the moisture. The irregular size of the grains helps to absorb liquid quickly as it flows through the litter, forming solid & compact clumps.

  1. Amazing Odour Control

Likewise, moisture in the soft runny poop will be absorbed by the grains identical to how urine was absorbed. After the cat has passed its faeces, it will bury its waste in the pile of litter. The poop will then be encased in the litter which ensures that unwanted odour is firmly locked in and the surrounding litter stays clean.

  1. Easy to clean

Minimal effort is needed when it comes to cleaning soiled Canada Litter. The soiled litter agglomerates into one whole solid clump which does not crumble even when it is picked up and sieved with a litter scoop.  

  1. Prolonged product life

Canada Litter’s unrivalled liquid absorption capabilities ensure that cat owners are able to get an unbeatable value for money for all sorts of conditions when it comes to cleaning up. Canada Litter creates clumps quicker and stronger than other leading brands of cat litter. It absorbs moisture quickly and effectively, leaving the rest of the litter clean, dry, and untouched. After removing the soiled litter, the batch of Canada Litter can still be used till the next round of litter box cleaning. This helps you use less material and save money. One bag of 6kg Canada Litter can last up to 1 month for a single cat household.


  1. Safe for cats and pawrents

Canada Litter is made of pure, highest quality sodium bentonite. The natural mineral has no silica additive hence it is not harmful to pets or their owners. It is manufactured with a low dust formula, pawrents and cats with sensitive respiratory systems will still be able to use the litter and maintain a clean and fresh-smelling home. 

brioPets is proud to be the sole distributor of Canada Litter products in Singapore. You can explore an extensive range of cat litter & cat accessories here - Canada Litter.

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