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Noba® Science Ultra-Clumping Litter 12kg

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Product Details

Available in 12kg 

Unscented or Sparkling Fresh

Made in Canada

At a glance

With active odour control technology | Low dust formula | Contains probiotics | Scientifically formulated to inhibit bacteria growth and neutralise odours | Produces super flat and compact clumps | Easy maintenance | Less wasted litter

Product Details

Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter is the embodiment of science meeting cat hygiene. It contains probiotics that are distributed evenly thanks to its active technology. Moisture from urine and feces activates the probiotics, stopping the biochemical process that leads to the creation of ammonia, which is responsible for strong, foul litter box odours. With quick dehydration of faeces, foul odours are neutralised at their source. 

Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter is made from pure, highest quality sodium bentonite for maximum efficiency. It produces flat and compact surface clumps, facilitating cleaning and reducing the amount of litter used. This leads to easy maintenance and less wasted litter. Go up to 3 months between complete litter box maintenance. By replacing soiled litter with fresh Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter during regular maintenance, active technology is maintained, enabling a sustainable, fresh and odour-free litter box environment.

In addition, the low dust formula makes Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter ideal for people and pets with respiratory issues.


Pour Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter to fill 4-5 inches (10-12cm) of the cat litter box.

Scoop clumps and other waste regularly. It is recommended to do so every 24 hours.

Dispose of the soiled litter and waste in the compost bin.

Note: Noba Science Ultra-clumping Litter is not flushable.

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Noba® Science Ultra-Clumping Litter 12kg

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