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Cateco® Litter Box

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Product Details

Size: 56L x 44W x 22H cm

Available in Blue & Grey

Made in Canada

At a glance

Up to 86% odour elimination | Effective, all-natural odour suppression | Use up to 40% less litter than with a standard litter box

Product Details

The Cateco Litter Box’s unique air circulation technology dries up the litter area in a natural, continuous manner. This significantly restricts the proliferation of potentially harmful bacteria, also responsible for strong, foul odours. It is clinically proven to reduce odours by up to 86% (tests conducted in an ISO 17025 laboratory).

Liquids that reach the bottom of the Cateco Litter Box simply go through the Aerator Mesh (which is tear and puncture proof) and are absorbed by the Cateco Dry Pad, placed in the lower part of the litter box. Consequently, complete cleanings are much less frequent. We recommend them only every 3 to 5 months if you’re using a high-end clumping litter such as Noba Science and Canada Litter.

Cateco Litter Box’s unique air circulation technology naturally neutralises all malodorous smells, even ones created by the smallest clumps left behind during daily maintenance. This feature allows Cateco Litter Box owners to extend the period of time between complete cleanings.

The Cateco Litter Box was tested with a wide variety of clumping and absorbing litters, both mineral and plant based. It works with the vast majority of them and extends their life cycle; no irritating transition issues for you or your pet.

Feeding Recommendation

Cleaning routine

We recommend that you fully clean your Cateco Litter Box every 3 months. If you're using absorbing litter, you'll notice a prolonged lifespan for your litter, sometimes using it up to 50% longer! When performing a full maintenance, we suggest that you replace the Aerator mesh at the bottom of the top section of your Cateco Litter Box.

Types of litter

Use a high-quality clumping or absorbing litter. Both clay and plant-based litters are acceptable and include silica crystals, walnut, corn, etc.

Avoid large, slow-absorbing wood pellets and recycled newspaper litters: their absorption properties and density are not suited to Cateco's technology.


  • Scoop out clumps daily
  • Top up litter regularly, making sure it reaches or exceeds indicator line
  • Always ensure the top section contains enough litter
  • Check the bottom section for liquids on a regular basis. Change Dry Pad if soiled.


  1. Line the bottom tray with a Dry Pad.
  2. Place the bottom tray in its rightful location and stack the top tray on it.
  3. Ensure the Aerator Mesh is properly fixed in place with retaining strips in the top tray.
  4. Install Extension accessory.
  5. Pour litter into the box, making sure it reaches or exceeds the indicator line, and level the litter.

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Cateco® Litter Box

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