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Canada Litter™ 6kg

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Product Details

Available in 6kg and 18kg

Available in baby powder scent, lavender scent and unscented

Made in Canada

At a glance

An unbeatable value | Absorbs liquids and odours instantly | Made from pure sodium bentonite | One bag lasts up to a month

Product Details

Canada Litter’s amazing instant-clumping capabilities and unrivalled absorption are the product of our uncompromising approach to purity, functionality and quality.

With an absorption capacity of 350% (3.5 times its own weight), clumps form quickly, making maintenance more efficient. Clumps are also more solid, helping them stay intact and leaving remaining litter clean and odour free. Good moisture control helps prevent bacteria proliferation. Our scented options, baby powder and lavender, is mild enough for cats and was designed as an extra safeguard to control any leftover odours in the litter box.

More demanding situations require better products. Dual Odour Defence is specially formulated to reduce odours, especially effective in homes with multiple cats. The Dual Odour Defence technology (baking soda + activated carbon) is a powerful and instant odour neutralizer. Baking soda absorbs moisture while activated carbon inhibits odours. Strong, foul smells do not stand a chance with Canada Litter. 

The natural mineral has no silica additive and is not harmful to pets and humans. Thanks to Canada Litter's low dust formula, it is ideal for people and pets with respiratory issues.


  1. Fill the litter box with approximately 3 to 4 cm of litter
  2. Remove all solid waste with a cat litter scoop daily. Dispose of waste in trash.
  3. The remaining litter is fresh and odour free. Simply refill more litter when necessary.

For best results, do not mix Canada Litter with other litter brands.

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Canada Litter™ 6kg

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