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Cateco® Extension

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Product Details

Keep litter scattering and other unspeakable messes at bay

Available in colours: Blue, Orange & Gray

Size: 56L x 44W x 15H cm

Product of Canada

Keeps litter from scattering | Adds over 15cm to Cateco litter box 

Product Details

Cateco Extension keeps litter scattering and other unspeakable messes at bay! It adds over 15 centimetres (6 inches) to the height of the walls of your original Cateco odour-proof litter box! Made of durable polypropylene plastic.

With Cateco it is Puuuurrrfect!

More Cuddles | Less Troubles | Huge Savings in cost and time 


Share your story | You never know whose life you could change. Tag @briopets 
#👍🏻lifechangingbriopets #❤️catecosg #nobascience #nobapremiumscoopsg #catecolitterboxsg on products that have positively transformed your fur kids.

Feeding Recommendation

Cleaning routine

We recommend that you fully clean your Cateco Litter Box every 3 months. If you're using absorbing litter, you'll notice a prolonged lifespan for your litter, sometimes using it up to 50% longer! When performing a full maintenance, we suggest that you replace the Aerator mesh at the bottom of the top section of your Cateco Litter Box.

Types of litter

Use a high-quality clumping or absorbing litter. Both clay and plant-based litters are acceptable and include silica crystals, walnut, corn, etc.

Avoid large, slow-absorbing wood pellets and recycled newspaper litters: their absorption properties and density are not suited to Cateco's technology.

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Cateco® Extension

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