The Properties and Benefits of Microsilver

What are the properties, effects and benefits of Microsilver? We explain the uses of microsilver in essential pet care products.


Medical Properties of Silver

Silver has been used in wound care since the twentieth century. It is known to have antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Because of this, twentieth-century doctors would often use silver sutures to reduce the risk of infection.

Currently, silver is still being used for medical as well as cosmetic purposes. The most common use of silver would be in antibacterial cream.


Mechanism of Action

Silver has an oligodynamic effect. This means that it is toxic to bacteria, algae and fungi. The silver particles continuously release positive ions which disrupt pathogenic bacteria. The ions destabilise the bacterial structure, break down key enzyme systems in cell membranes, cut off enzymatic nutrients and prevent cell proliferation.


What is Microsilver?

Microsilver is a special form of pure silver with a spongy increased surface. Due to its larger size(10-6), it does not penetrate the skin. Instead, the silver ions remain in the upper dermal layers of the skin, where they are neutralised.


Microsilver in Pet Care Products

Microsilver is incorporated into modern pet care products as a precious substance with multiple beneficial properties:

  • Cleanses the applied area
  • Soothes irritation
  • Heals wounds by restoring skin’s natural barrier
  • Microflora-optimising substance
  • Antimicrobial effect


Microsilver can be used for prevention, regeneration and revitalisation. It can be found in LILA LOVES ITs silver range products. All silver products contain high-quality microsilver along with other organic ingredients to enhance the beneficial effects. 


  • LILA LOVES IT Microsilver Spray

LILA LOVES IT Microsilver Spray can be used to treat your furkids injuries, wounds, scrapes and surgical incisions. The product contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and microsilver. These three ingredients allow for painless & instant recovery.


  • LILA LOVES IT Silver Shampoo

The LILA LOVES IT Silver Shampoo cleanses the skin and coat thoroughly, yet remaining gentle. It also contains microsilver which helps with unbalanced skin flora.


  • LILA LOVES IT Ear Cleanser

LILA LOVES IT Ear Cleanser gently loosens stuck ear wax and frees the ear canal from unpleasant smells. The cleanser also creates a mildly acidic environment that is unsuitable for mites, fungi and bacteria. The combination of zinc, lavender and microsilver creates a calming and nourishing effect on your furkid.



LILA LOVES IT Ear Gel effectively cares and smoothes stressed ears. To be used after cleaning, the blend of natural ingredients help to strengthen the resilience of your furkids skin, create an incompatible environment for bacteria and fungus formation, as well as act as antiseptic and cleansing agents.



brioPets is proud to be the sole distributor of LILA LOVES IT products in Singapore. You can explore an extensive range of pet care products here - LILA LOVES IT.


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