The Importance of Ear Cleaning for our Furkids

Why do we need to establish an ear cleaning routine for dogs?

Due to the shape and structure of our dogsears, it is very difficult for domesticated dogs to be able to remove materials trapped deep within the ear canal without human intervention. As pawrents, we are saddled with the responsibility to do a routine cleaning for our furkidsears.

If left untouched, these materials may build up and lead to irritation and ear infections. Some dogs require more frequent ear cleaning, while others may have healthy and clean ears that need fewer cleaning sessions. The number of ear cleaning sessions will differ for each dog. Pawrents will have to observe and take note of any discharge or odour coming from your dogs ears. Only when such observations are noted should pawrents start preparing for an ear cleaning session with their furkids. If ear cleaning is done too often, it may also cause irritation and infection in your furkidsears.

Ultimately, if you are still unsure about how often you ought to be cleaning your dogs ears, or whether you even need to clean them at all, do approach your veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

How should I clean my dog's ears?


  1. Preparation

Prepare the following ear cleaning supplies before you starting the cleaning session.

  1. Ear Cleanser
  2. Ear Gel
  3. Cotton Balls
  4. Extra Towels
  5. Treats/Snacks
  1. Softening the Ear Debris

Start off the process by squeezing a gentle ear cleaning solution into the ear canal. We highly recommend LILA LOVES ITs Ear Cleanser which is formulated by a team led by senior veterinarians, pharmacists and laboratory experts. 

 LILA LOVES ITs Ear Cleanser is made from natural and organic ingredients which are safe and gentle on your furkidssensitive ear canals. The ear cleaner not only cleanses the ear walls, but it also protects the ear canal by creating a mildly acidic environment that is unsuitable for mites, fungi and bacteria to grow in.

  1. Loosening the Ear Debris

Gently massage the base of the ear, making sure you hear a series of squish squish squish” coming from the ear. That is the sound of ear debris loosening from the side of the ear walls.

Massage the ear canal for around 30 seconds or so. Allow your dog to shake his/her head, this allows the remaining solution and debris to move to the outer opening of the ear which will then be easier for us to reach and remove. 

Remember to use the prepared towel to shield yourself as the ear solution is shaken out of your dogs ear. 

  1. Removing the Ear Debris

Take a cotton ball and start wiping out the opening of the ear canal. You should be able to see the dark coloured debris at the edge of the inner walls. Remove the debris and dry off any remaining solutions on your furkids ear. 

  1. Reward Good Behaviour

Give your good boy/girl some treats and praises for being patient during the process before proceeding with the other ear. 

  1. For Inflamed Ears

If you find your furkid scratching at its ears repeatedly, drip a few drops of LILA LOVES IT Ear Gel to soothe the itchiness. The quick-acting gel comprises of purely natural ingredients such as witch hazel which strengthens skin resilience, microsilver and rosemary which work as antiseptic and cleansing agents, as well as lactic acid which creates an incompatible environment for bacteria and fungus formation. 

It is highly advisable to pair both LILA LOVES IT Ear Gel and Ear Cleanser for the best result. 

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