Tales By Pawrents: Do Guinea Pigs Enjoy Brushing?

Should I brush my guinea pig? Here is a review done by a fellow guinea pig owner for handcrafted LILA LOVES IT brushes.


Brighton, pigmum of two guinea pigs, is back with another review. This time round, she tries out a pair of handcrafted LILA LOVES IT brushes on her piggies!

Brushes? For guinea pigs? The brush is literally the same size as Walnut! Those were the thoughts that ran through my mind before we started on our grooming journey with LILA LOVES IT products. However, I am really glad that we have had the chance to be exposed to these wonderful grooming tools as our weekly grooming sessions have become much more efficient and relaxing!

We tried out two brushes: LILA LOVES IT Double Sided Brush and LILA LOVES IT Small Slicker Brush on Walnut, who is a (grumpy) long-haired coronet pig. The verdict? My spoilt prince who hates grooming sessions got so excited that he started wheeking and nudging at the brushes! The Double Sided Brush comes with thick, soft natural bristles which is ideal for sensitive skin while the slicker brush has fine, rounded metal bristles which are ideal for removing loose hair, matted fur and undercoat effortlessly. As this was the first time I had tried to brush Walnut, I was definitely apprehensive as he usually dislikes having hard objects on his body; However, not only did he spontaneously allow me to brush through his fur, but he also enjoyed the session tremendously and even fell asleep halfway! (Our grooming sessions usually ends with him biting me!)


I believe that Walnut enjoyed the process as the brushes managed to comb through his thick and matted fur easily without much tugging. Additionally, thanks to the soft bristles, it did not irritate the skin, and instead felt more like a massage. This was apparent when I started brushing Walnut on his tummy, where he abhors being touched. However, with the two handy brushes, I managed to do so easily, and he was content to let me comb through his fur.


The slicker brush is especially light to hold, making it easy to manoeuvre and control which I believe is important with squirming pets. You can only imagine my astonishment when I finished after 10 minutes, as I managed to brush out more than double of Walnuts fur and undercoat compared to before. I also had a contented snoozing pig on my lap. Given the smooth-moving process, I managed to brush Walnut more regularly. The Double-sided brush also helps to clean and care for his coat by keeping it shiny and healthy when used regularly. We usually start off by brushing his loose fur out with the slicker brush, before using the soft bristles on the double-sided brush to get rid of any dirt/dust. The whole process is very smooth, and it gives my pigs something to look forward to after their hated nail cutting sessions. Having used the brushes for a few months now, I can see that Walnut sheds much less which means less fur flying around the house and less work for me! His fur is also shinier and less matted, which I am sure is due to the weekly brushing and relaxing experiences.

To me, the LILA LOVES IT brushes are not solely tools used for grooming but also a bridge between fostering a closer bond between the spoiled pigs and their personal slave. The two brushes work marvellously in brushing out loose fur efficiently, as well as ensuring that the process is an enjoyable one for both the pets and the owners. There is much less squirming and sighs of exasperation during grooming sessions, and notably softer wheeks and purrs. Indeed, the brushes have made the whole experience smoother and created sessions for us to interact and bond with each other. This translates to a better experience for all of us and has helped me to forge closer bonds with Walnut and Almond.

In a nutshell (pun intended :D), LILA LOVES IT brushes have allowed us to realise that grooming sessions need not necessarily be an arduous task, but instead a time for us to interact and become closer with one another.

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