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Go Odourless with the Noba Cateco Litter Box! 

"More cuddles, less troubles" 

Best cat litter box Singapore

Ugh … What … is that … that horrible smell? Has it come around to the dreadful task of cleaning the cat litter box again? Oh, that awful job…hands down, that is the 1 thing most cat owners hate doing.

If we do not keep the litter box clean, the smell of fermenting urine quickly permeates the house. A dirty litter box might also cause our beloved cat to develop medical issues. So, we suck it up, put one hand over our nose, and use a plastic bag as gloves and start cleaning out the litter box as fast as possible. But all too soon, the smell is back, and we must steal ourselves to clean the litter box yet again! As we know cats like being clean and self-sufficient. When we can provide our cats the best litter box, your cat will enjoy using the litter box.

When shopping for a new litter box, it is important to consider factors like the size of your cat and whether your cat prefers the extra privacy provided by a covered litter box. A dirty litter box is one of the most common causes of defecation problems in cats. Keeping the box clean provides your cat with a reliably clean place to use and can prevent house soiling problems. Having the Best Cat Litter Box in Singapore that helps eliminates these problems has been increasingly popular.

Who would not want the best quality Cat Litter Box in Singapore without having to spend a bomb? After all, owning a cat is not cheap, and at briopets, we understand.

Briopets recommends Noba Cateco as the Best Cat Litter Box in Singapore.

Owners of Noba Cateco litter box can look forward to:

  • Reducing odours by up to 86%! Clinically proven Natural air circulation technology in an ISO 17025 laboratory.
  • Less frequent complete cleanings. The air circulation technology naturally neutralizes even the smallest clumps, left behind during daily maintenance (even if maintenance is thorough). Clumps end up contaminating the entire litter box which makes it malodorous.
  • Reducing dirty litter that your cat meets. Liquids that reach the bottom of the Noba litter box simply go through the Aerator Mesh (which is tear and puncture proof) and are absorbed in the Noba Dry-Pad, placed in the lower part of the litter box.
  • Time saving. we recommend complete cleaning of your Noba Cateco litter box only every 3 to 5 months if you are using a high-end clumping litter such as Canada Litter. Noba Cateco is not only the Best Cat Litter Box to eliminate odour, but also saves us the unpleasantness of frequent cleaning.
  • Cat approved.


Check out the link below to purchase the Noba Cateco litter box!

Noba Cateco Cat Litter Box Bundle

Imagine this, you’ve just arrived home from a long day at work, wouldn’t you like to sit back on your favourite armchair and have the sent of clean air and the sight of your cat sauntering off in the background greet you? Perhaps after using her Noba Cateco cat litter box, your cat might stop pretending to ignore you and gracefully snuggle onto your lap and start purring in contentment.



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