briopets look back at 2020


We can all agree that 2020 has been an absolute rollercoaster of emotions as our lives got thrown off balance and we had to change the way we interact with one another. It has been a momentous year for briopets. We went through a revamp of our website, reached out to more pawrents with our new citizens of briopets program and gave back to a very important community here in Singapore. Here is an overall outlook on briopets’ major happenings in 2020.

WEBSITE LAUNCH: underwent a makeover with a completely new sleek look, an informative column for pawrents as well as a streamlined purchasing process. Focusing on the ease of usage, pawrents had the access to best-selling products, new product entries as well as discounted items, navigating through the website in a breeze.



However, during the revamp period, our website was not accessible and pawrents had to place their orderfor their furkid’s food and necessities through other means. Thankfully, we had the support and patience of our loyal customers and friends. There may have been some delays and blunders but the transition was completed and you guys helped us to get through them all!

When our new website was finally launched in September, we decided to celebrate by holding a large storewide sale with up to 50% off. We received an overwhelming response from Singapore pawrents and for that, we are extremely grateful. In the coming year, we hope to continue to work together with pawrents to provide quality food, treats and pet care products to their furkids.




In 2020, we officially established a program for our treasured influencers - Citizens of briopets. As we work together with more and more responsible pet owners in Singapore, we are bringing awareness to brands and products which are exclusively distributed by briopets. Food & products were reviewed by citizens of briopets and we hope to show more of the miracle effects of briopets’ brands and share in-depth knowledge and workings behind them.

For this year, we collaborated with dog, rabbit and guinea pig owners who had shared their thoughts on our products and hosted giveaways to reach out to new audiences. We are one step closer to understand the concerns of pawrents in Singapore and we strive to go further in 2021. Here are some pawrents whom we are grateful for-

For our bunny-loving audience

@mcm_thebunz – American Pet Mountain Grass



@dawadandorj – American Pet Mountain Grass



@lucivil – PeeWee Eco Wood Litter



For our Guinea Pig Enthusiasts

@thenuttybois – American Pet Mountain Grass 



For our Dog Lovers

@simplyposhy – LILA LOVES IT Bundle for Dental -  Toothpaste + Micro Fleece



@corgimiloandfriends – LILA LOVES IT Double-sided Brush



@willbebullsloading – LILA LOVES IT Bundle for ears – Ear cleanser + Ear gel







In 2020, briopets wanted to extend our support to animals in need. Hence we expanded our efforts in community contribution by sponsoring one of the unsung heroes (heroine) of the cat community - Mdm Tan, our community cat caregiver.

Mdm Tan has been feeding and rescuing community cats for 15 years. In that time, she's helped re-home more than 60 cats while caring for more than 80 cats in her community. When we found out her story, we loved what she was doing and were inspired by her generous spirit. Since August 2020, we've been partnering with her to provide our local community cats with tasty, nutritious food. Briopets support Mdm Tan with several bags of Sanabelle dry food on a monthly basis and we are glad to play a part in Mdm Tan’s efforts to care for community cats. We also feel that it is important to uphold our responsibility to provide cats with food specifically engineered to work as natural nutrition and preventive medicine.

By consuming Sanabelle’s dry food series, cats under Mdm Tan’s care will be able to build a stronger immune system and lower the possibility of future ailments by early prevention.

Find out more about Mdm Tan’s story here.



So, hope all pawrents have a prosperous new year, and all furkids to stay healthy for the years to come.


Cheers to the longevity of our furkids,



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