briopets Festive December Promotions


It is the merry merry holiday time of the year and here at briopets, we are ready to start giving and sharing all the love that we have received in 2020! Here are some of our festive promos, year end sales, giveaways and more that are coming your way this month...

Holiday Deals #1 - Free Gifts with Purchase

We are giving away free gifts for selected items from bosch, Sanabelle, American Pet and LILA LOVES IT!


🐶 Heart-shaped bosch Tin worth $18

With any large bag of bosch dog food (11.5kg & above), briopets gifts a heart-shaped tin with even more dog treats to reward your furkid!

😻 Heart-shaped Sanabelle Tin worth $18

With any large bag of Sanabelle cat food (10kg), briopets automatically adds one heart-shaped tin with 4 different health treats for cats to snack on, and 2 packs of Sanabelle kibble samples!

🐰 PeeWee Litter Sample Pack (1.5kg)

With purchase of any 5lb American Pet hay, briopets includes a free PeeWee Eco Wood Litter Sample as a natural and sustainable litter alternative for your little herbivore!

🐰 American Pet Feedtastic Prebiotic Smaks Treats Pumpkin & Timothy Flavour Cookies worth $12

Purchase a Small Slicker Brush from LILA LOVES IT, and briopets treats your little herbivore to a nutritious snack! 

Holiday Deals #2 - 12 Days of Christmas

It has been a tough year for many people and pets alike. But it is also because of 2020’s unique situation which resulted in many people working from home, that we are able to spend more time with our pets and learn more about their personalities that many of us may not have known before.


To peacefully end the year of 2020 and start 2021 with a bang, we are lining up 12 days of extended Christmas promotions! Everyone will be able to enjoy them and we promise, major discounts will be given! We are talking about 40% off each featured item for 24 hours only! It is definitely a great time for all pawrents to stock up on these pet supplies and prepare for the upcoming new year.

12 Days of Christmas

25th Dec: PeeWee Eco Wood Litter

26th Dec: All LILA LOVES IT shampoos

27th Dec: All American Pet hay

28th Dec: All Sanabelle cat treats

29th Dec: All bosch dog treats

30th Dec: American Pet pellets

31st Dec: Canada Litter

1st Jan: bosch soft range

2nd Jan: LILA LOVES IT brushes

3rd Jan: All Sanabelle dry cat food

4th Jan: HPC bosch dog food

5th Jan: LILA LOVES IT - ear cleaner/gel, eye care, toothpaste/micro fleece

Set your reminders, add them to your cart... Once the day is up, the promotions will be gone!

Holiday Deals #3: Christmas Hampers

Preparing a gift for your fellow pawrents may not be easy. To cater to all kinds of pawrents, we have prepared 6 different types of highly recommended Christmas hampers for different pets, with targeted beauty and health benefits. (complimentary gift wrapping services are available, with 2 business days notice required)


🐶 For Furry Paws:

  • 1x 2.5kg bosch HPC Soft Range (Select from 4 options)
  • 1x bosch FSC Fruitees Poultry & Apple
  • bosch measuring cup
  • bosch collapsible feeding bowl
  • USB Digital Photo frame
  • Dog Keychain



🐱 For Feline Purrs:

  • 1x 2kg Sanabelle Dry Food (Select from 3 options)
  • 2x Sanabelle Crispies — Chicken & Spinach + Chicken & Milk
  • bosch measuring cup
  • Sanabelle collapsible feeding bowl
  • Cat Keychain



🐰 For Munchy Bunnies

  • Mountain Grass Hay 24oz
  • CBB Digestive Health Pellet 8oz
  • Comfy Mat
  • Rabbit Keychain





🐶 Pet Care

  • First Aid Serum (50ml)
  • Silver Shampoo
  • MicroSilver Spray





🐶 Dental and Ear Care

  • MicroFleece
  • Eye Care
  • Liladent Toothpaste
  • Ear Cleanser
  • Ear Gel




🐶 Silky Fur Care

  • Anti-Tangling Spray
  • Double-sided Brush
  • Shampoo  


Holiday Deals #4: Build Your Gifting Sack

To share is to care! briopets is organising the last and biggest present of the year - Build Your Gifting Sack. We are encouraging all pawrents to create their much desired wishlist of the year. Pick any items on, create your wishlist and you will stand a chance to gift the same cart to your friend/family! That's an awesome deal of buy 1 cart, win 1 cart free! (*Gift cart to be capped at $100)


In 3 simple steps, you and your friend/family will stand a chance to win another cart full of desired items.

  1. Add items to your cart or complete the checkout on
  2. Screenshot or video your cart/completed order
  3. Post it on your IG post/stories. Hashtag #brioPetsBuy1Gift1, tag @briopets and the friend/family you'd like to gift the free cart of goodies to.

The Christmas Wishlist giveaway will close on 22nd December and 3 lucky winners will be picked on 23rd December. For winners who have not carted out their goods, they will have to do so within 7 days to enjoy the extra free cart.

For the latest promotional news and giveaways, follow us on Facebook or Instagram!


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