A Brand New Gourmet Dog Food - bosch Oven Baked Chicken


All good things must wait. It is common knowledge that the longer the food creation process, the better the reward at the end of the wait. The same principles apply to our furkids’ food. We are introducing the latest addition to bosch Singapore’s long line of really good pet food - Oven Baked Chicken.

Newly launched in Singapore, bosch Oven Baked Chicken is fully packed with highly nutritious superfoods preserved during the special manufacturing process, gently baked to deliver a special taste experience for dogs.

High Proportion of Animal Protein with Fresh Chicken


Oven Baked Chicken comes with a high proportion of animal protein carriers (70%) produced with only one animal protein source. Fresh chicken is a natural source of organic calcium and phosphorous and contributes to the support of the bone metabolism of your furkids. Fresh chicken meat is characterised by high digestibility and is an extremely delicious source of protein.

Composition of protein in Oven Baked Chicken

  • Fresh chicken meat (42%)
  • Fresh chicken (20%)
  • Chicken protein (dried, 8%)

Unlike other brands, bosch does not utilise any form of by-products or waste materials from chicken meat in our dog food. Products from animal rendering plants such as bonemeal or slaughter rate products which are not suitable for consumption are excluded from the production process.  

Hormones-free & Antibiotics-free


Bosch pet food is free of antibiotics and hormones. Regular tests are done on the dry dog food to ensure the absence of antibiotic substances in addition to regular and stringent inspections by veterinary authorities in Germany.

Only high-quality raw ingredients from known regional sources are used. During the production process, no chemical colourings, flavourings or GMO are added to the food served to your furkids. Bosch is also certified by the International Food Standard for its safety and quality food products and production processes. Without the inclusion of synthetic ingredients and a well-controlled production process, pawrents will be able to fill up their furkids food bowl with an ease of mind.

Local Superfood


Oven Baked Chicken is not only about serving a well-rounded treat for your furkids. In the new series, superfoods are added to give that extra tip in nutritional value. Superfoods as we all know, are all about foods with a high level of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements & antioxidants). The following ingredients are chosen for its beneficial properties which support an optimal supply of vitamins and minerals for our four-legged friend.

  • Dried peas: Good source of minerals & vitamins (A, K & B Vitamins)
  • Linseed: Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans and fibre
  • Fennel: High in antioxidants, calcium & iron, relaxes gastrointestinal (GI) tract, anti-inflammatory
  • Lovage Leaves: High in vitamin C & B complex
  • Aniseed: Help with digestive issues such as nausea or gas
  • Aronia (Chokeberry): One of the richest sources of plant antioxidants, low in calories and high in fibre, vitamin C, and manganese

A Gourmet Treat for All

Irresistible food that leaves furkids wanting more.


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Elke the guide dog can’t get enough of the highly delectable dry dog food - Oven Baked Chicken 


Oven Baked Chicken is made with adult dogs that are nutritionally sensitive in mind. With quality chicken meat as the single animal protein source and the addition of highly digestible potatoes (grain-free), Oven Baked Chicken can be consumed by dogs who suffer from feed intolerances and allergies.

Limited amount of free dry dog food samples available, contact us now to redeem yours!


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